Welcome to my blog. I will be rating breakfast places in Toronto on a system of 1-5 stars. These won’t all be diners, but they will all serve a diner breakfast – bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee for under 10 bucks. 

“The Spoon Tour”

You may notice that the entries are growing retroactively as well as currently. For over 2 years, friends and I have been meeting weekly (The Spoon Tour), and I’ve been rating these breakfasts on a review site for that period. Hence the “head start”.


YOU CAN HELP “The Spoon Tour”!

The following are the restaurants we have visited (and will eventually be “back-filled” on this blog) or are scheduled for the future.  If you can suggest any we’ve missed, please do so by leaving a comment in the reply box at the end of the list

The requirements are as follows;

  • a standard breakfast of bacon, eggs, home fries, toast and coffee must be available for under $10
  • the restaurant must be open Monday mornings at 9:30, and
  • be accessible via the TTC  (public transit in Toronto).
If you know of a place not on this list, please comment below!
NB  Some reviews come from diner visits independent of “The Spoon Tour”.‎

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