Our Third Anniversary!

Well, this week was pretty special. It was the 3rd anniversary of our weekly breakfast, and we had a good turnout. A typical week has your 3 founding members, TB, DO and myself holding down the fort, but if we’re lucky, we have guests. Our schedule goes out to >40 people, and on the rare occasion, some of them actually turn up! This is a huge relief because really, we ran out of stuff to talk about 18 months ago! Often, we just glare at each other. Some days we sit at separate tables. Today was our lucky day – we were joined by EG, who was a founding member back in May 2010, SS who is becoming a semi-regular and JC, who comes as much as she can.

This was a return visit to Bloor Jane Restaurant – our 4th, in fact – a reliable, traditional greasy spoon with a lunch counter. This is what we look for in our weekly outings. Taking a few stat holidays off, this was our 152nd breakfast at 122 different establishments. We’ve done a few “best of” stretches, and now alternate between new locations and repeats, simply because there are only so many restaurants that fit our requirements*. If you know of any we’ve missed (check complete list), or want to be included in the mailing, get in touch!

*The requirements are as follows;

  • a standard breakfast of bacon, eggs, home fries, toast and coffee must be available for under $10
  • the restaurant must be open Monday mornings at 9:30, and
  • be accessible via the TTC  (public transit in Toronto).
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2 Responses to Our Third Anniversary!

  1. I feel privileged to be part of this group. There are few things in life I enjoy more than a stimulating conversation over a well-prepared breakfast on an otherwise mundane Monday morning! Thanks for being so predictably present, fellas … in a good way! So many things are changing so quickly now, it is a comfort to know the spoon tour carries on.

  2. jenn says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Looking forward to joining you next week!

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