Average Joe’s Cafe, 161 Baldwin St.

4 stars (out of 5)







This was one of the most carefully prepared and attractively presented breakfasts on our now 135 week tour of breakfast spots in Toronto (~115 different establishments).

AverageJoeExtOwners Joe and his wife are hospitable hosts, serving many regulars in this tiny hole-in-the wall.

I decided to try the Baked Eggs while both my friends had the Hungry Joe. My dish included 2 eggs, baked in a large ramekin with chopped roma tomatoes and basil. It included “home fries”, toasted baguette and a mixed green salad.

The Hungry Joes included 2 eggs (any style), chicken bacon or pork sausages, “home fries”, chunky toast, grilled tomato and garnish. Each dish had a different garnish – one included kiwi, the other sliced grapefruit.

Everything was prepared very well (D.O. proclaimed the over easy eggs “perfect) and very artfully presented.

Why am I adding quotation marks to the “home fries”? Well, Joe’s version was different than any I’ve ever seen. It appears that a whole, unpeeled potato is boiled, then sliced into hockey puck sized pieces, then fried and spiced on each side. They were different, and tasty, but I wouldn’t call them home fries.

Definitely a good breakfast option in Kensington Market.

Hungry Joe (kiwi)

Hungry Joe (kiwi)


Baked Eggs

Hungry Joe (grapefruit)

Hungry Joe (grapefruit)

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One Response to Average Joe’s Cafe, 161 Baldwin St.

  1. Cate says:

    I’m glad you found an acceptable breakfast in K. Market. [snort] These have got to be the most aesthetically pleasing platings I’ve ever seen.

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