The Patrician Grill (redux), 219 King St. E.

4 stars (out of 5)

signI’m writing this update WITHOUT reading my previous review. The Patrician was the first stop in what has ended up being a 2 1/2 year long, weekly breakfast get-together with friends. We’ve been to almost 120 different places, all of which qualify as greasy spoons, or they at least offer a greasy spoon style breakfast. Authentic greasy spoons or diners are our priority, but we are running out of those. This update springs from a new perspective…that of someone who has a bit more experience in this department…and over 100 other places to compare it to.The Patrician is an authentic greasy spoon. Built in the 50’s and run by the same family since 1967, this place is great. It’s got a lunch counter with an open grill, and a number of booths. counterCoffee was offered before we were even seated, and the server/owner was very friendly and efficient. The eggs were done perfectly (over easy, and sunny side up) and I’m told by my comrades that the bacon was “above average”. Average bacon, but cooked perfectly. It was crisp, but not dried out…and very flat. The toast was standard, Wonder-style brown bread, the home fries were pretty good, and the coffee was about average.

Breakfast Special - 7.75

Breakfast Special – 7.75







It’s the authentic vibe that makes this place. If you are trying to find traditional Toronto greasy spoons, add this one to your list.

No bacon? $6.75

No bacon? $6.75







Oh, and I bought the t-shirt!

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