We interrupt this blog – Highland Park Diner, Rochester, NY

Not technically a “Breakfast in Toronto”, but a short 275 kms (170 mi.) away lies a diner that looks like a diner is supposed to look. A 3-hour drive from Toronto will take you to the Highland Park Diner, which I visited in July of this year. The food was average, but the vibe was fantastic!


From the website;

  • Included in the Rochester landmark Society’s list of architectural gems, the Highland Park Diner was built by the Orleans Company on site in 1948 and is the only diner made by that firm still in existence – only three or four-were manufactured before the company went bankrupt.
  • The building functioned as a diner from 1940-1974, was vacant for two years,then became an Off Track Betting parlor run by New York state. In 1986, Robert Malley bought the building, renovated it and opened it as a diner once again.
  • In December of 2004 Van Zissis purchased the diner …(which) seats fifty·five, nineteen at the counter and thirty·six at the booths.

Not the priority

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2 Responses to We interrupt this blog – Highland Park Diner, Rochester, NY

  1. Frank P says:

    Hi Diner Dave,

    I notice the comment that the diner was built in 1948 but it was in use 1940-1974, a bit of inconsistency…not that I’ll be visiting the place anytime soon… 🙂


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