Sunset Grill, 45 Wicksteed Ave. (#100!)

4 stars (out of 5)

This restaurant represents the 100th different stop on The Spoon Tour. Over two years ago, we began this weekly adventure to investigate the best and worst of diner-style breakfasts in Toronto with The Patrician. We started by trying to find all the classic greasy spoons that were left, and eventually had to expand our search to include any restaurant that has a diner-style breakfast special that meets our criteria. The restaurant must serve;

  • a standard breakfast of bacon, eggs, home fries, toast and coffee for under $10
  • it must be open Monday mornings at 9:30, and
  • be accessible via the TTC  (public transit in Toronto).







112 weeks later (we’ve repeated some favourites), we find ourselves at the newest location of the venerable Sunset Grill (and no doubt, the hardest to find*).

If you’ve been to any of the franchised Sunset Grills, you’ll recognise the decor, vibe and menu. The food was good, and service was excellent. We were a table of 7, and had 3 different servers attend to our every need (i.e. coffee). Our request for separate cheques (5 in total) was not a problem. Hear that, Sunset Grill at 120 Bloor St. E.?

So, solid food + excellent service = 4 stars.

The standard brekky (no meat) 3.99 + coffee.







The vibe.









*It’s located within a big box-style development that includes an HMV, South St. Burger, La Senza, Subway etc…so if you see any of these familiar signs, you’re in the right place. SG is on the inner, north side, NOT facing Wicksteed.

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