Grapefruit Moon, 968 Bathurst St.

4 stars (out of 5)

Come on a Monday morning at 9:30 and you won’t have to wait in line to experience the eclectic hipster vibe which includes glass milk bottles for water and mismatched tableware.

The standard all-day breakfast (pictured left, post-bacon, and with their yummy home-made hot sauce on the side), which 3 of us had, was above average for three reasons — the coffee was excellent (Alternative Grounds, Roncesvalles), as was the choice of toast (the multi-grain was great) and they offered veggie bacon. The eggs and home fries were pretty average – the home fries looked great, but were a tad bland and forgettable.

The fourth in our party (“the rebel”) went off-script and ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla.
(2 eggs grilled with a flour tortilla  stuffed with your choice of 2 fillings, served with home fries & salsa. Fillings were; Cheddar · Chevre · Feta · Roasted Red Peppers · Avocado · Onion · Hot Peppers · Black Bean · Pinto Bean · Mozzarella · Brie · Tomato · Sundried Tomato.) She proclaimed it “gorgeous”.

Breakfast Quesadilla- Photo (R) T-Bru










Our server was friendly and efficient, and kept the coffee flowing. Grapefruit Moon has a nice, comfy feel.

NB Men – check out the leaded glass windows in the bathroom.

Men’s Room

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