Lunch Box, 1731 Bloor St. W.

3.75 stars (out of 5)

This place doesn’t really qualify as a greasy spoon or a diner, but it’s breakfast special is called “The Greasy Spoon”, so it counts!

Actually, the “Greasy Spoon Jr.”, at 5.95, contains 2 XL eggs, choice of side, home fries and toast”. The “Greasy Spoon Sr.” contains the same as the Jr….only bigger. Makes sense.

The meat options (bacon, sausage etc.) qualifies as the “side”, as does a home made fresh fruit salad, which I had. Nice!

Fresh Fruit Salad








Order at the counter, take a seat and the friendly staff will deliver your food. Coffee is self serve, but bottomless!

Definitely more of a cafe than a diner vibe, but the breakfast fits the bill!

Cafe vibe.








(Take our order at the table, and earn the full 4 stars! ;-))



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One Response to Lunch Box, 1731 Bloor St. W.

  1. Cate says:

    That fruit salad looks amazing.

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