Kensingtons, 181 Baldwin St.

1 star (out of 5)

First of all, what’s the deal with the name? Is it plural? Is it missing an apostrophe? I’ll vote for bad grammar.

Anyway, we were headed to Dag’s across the street in Kensington Market, but unfortunately it was closed unexpectedly this Tuesday morning. No worries, we spied the “All Day Breakfast – 3.99” sign across the street at Kensington…s, so decided to give it a try. Oy, what a mistake. The entirely empty restaurant should have been our first clue. I wish I had hooked up to their wifi and checked out Yelp before we ordered.

The horror show that was Kensington(s) is described pretty well in online reviews, but let me highlight a few low-lights;

  • Firstly, we were told to order at the cash and the food would be brought to us. The same guy took our orders, made the food and brought it over. (In itself, not an issue, but I don’t think cooking is this guy’s strong suit.)
  • My food was cold. I guess he made it first.
  • 2 of us had eggs “over easy”. They were “over hard”.
  • Those who had bacon couldn’t really describe what the meat-like product that was served actually was. (see photo) When I asked how it tasted, I received a couple of shrugged shoulders in response.
  • The potatoes (I was expecting home fries), were boiled potato chunks.
  • I asked for a bagel instead of toast…he didn’t give me a choice of bagel, but how did he know whole wheat is my LEAST favourite?
  • The “grilled veggies” were limp, cold and just weird. (see photo)
  • One friend had yoghurt and granola in a parfait dish. No parfait spoon, so she couldn’t get to the bottom of the dish.
  • Want jam for the toast? .35 extra. (first occurrence in almost 100 breakfasts)
  • Want a coffee refill? No refills – second cup is full price. The coffee was better than at most establishments that serve a breakfast like this, but nowhere near as good as a decent coffee shop. They brag about their coffee…have they never been to i deal coffee around the corner on Nassau? Or Dark Horse or Manic, both nearby?

If you want a good diner breakfast in the market, go to KOS, 300m away at Nassau and Bellevue.

View photos, intentionally left until last, at your own risk.

Mmmm, appetizing!

Check out the “bacon”.

The “grilled veggies” – a study.

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One Response to Kensingtons, 181 Baldwin St.

  1. T-Bru says:

    Yikes! Glad I missed that “Zellers 2” horror show 😉

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