Church Street Diner, 555 Church St.

3.75 stars (out of 5)

Great Caesar’s Toast! (I’ll get back to that later.)

This “diner”, though self-identified as a “diner” isn’t really a diner, at least in my mind. It does have a diner-like menu, but the vibe and décor makes it more of a café…or a bistro…or a café.

I had the “Molly Wood’s Breakfast”, but substituted the savoury beans for the meat. It included “homechips” and choice of a variety of toasts – white, whole wheat, rye and multi-grain. This selection automatically elevated it above most other breakfast places, but the quality of the multi-grain shot it to the top of the list, toast-wise. Even better than The Avenue Diner.

Meatless Molly Wood's (note the "homechips")

Now, the term “homechips” raised a bit of a red flag. We asked whether they were home fries or French fries, and we assured by the waiter that they were home fries, as he described their dimensions. Yes, they were shaped like home fries (see photo), but they were definitely French fries. Tasty, but not home fries. The confusion continues.

Avec meat.








Everyone was very happy with their meals, and the waiter was attentive and very friendly. Why 3.75 stars? Well, I just couldn’t put it in the category with The Free Times Cafe or The George Street Diner (esp. for vibe), but it was better than 3.5, that’s for sure! 😉

NB It’s important to note that they served Raspberry (D.O. – “Rasp, the best berry”.) jam. This probably doesn’t seem like much, but after visiting 90 different breakfast spots, we could count the raspberry jam on one hand, with a thumb left over. The standard? Strawberry.

Rasp - the best berry.

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