Saving Grace, 907 Dundas St. W.

4 stars (out of 5)

"Sweet" French toast

This dish was so good, and so good lookin’, that it deserves a large photo, front ‘n centre. I’m pretty picky about French Toast, but this version, made with baguette and served with caramelized bananas and real maple syrup, was danged tasty.

This is the 3rd week in a row that we’ve visited neither a Diner, Dive or Greasy Spoon, but as explained before, serve a standard breakfast for under 10 bucks, and we’re there. [edit. Now that I think of it, they didn’t have a standard breakfast for under $10. None of us could remember how it made the list, but once we got our food, we weren’t complaining.] Saving Grace is a bit upscale in it’s breakfast options, but decidedly downscale in it’s decor – a garage-sale vibe, with mismatched plates and funky decor which I enjoyed. The plywood tables and bench seating, however, was a little off-putting (and uncomfortable). Replace these with funky kitchen tables and chairs, and earn your 5th star.

A very popular and crowded weekend brunch spot, you won’t have to wait in line on a Monday at 9:30 am. My friends and I pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Eventually, there were another few tables occupied, but the service remained attentive.

2 friends had the Rajasthani eggs and enjoyed them a great deal. One advised that they were spicy enough to be a bit too much for some people. The 3rd had the savory French toast, which she loved. The coffee was excellent and free flowing. This place definitely deserves a return visit.

Rajasthani Eggs

"Savoury" French Toast

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One Response to Saving Grace, 907 Dundas St. W.

  1. Best breakfast ever! I’d go back for every breakfast from now on if that were possible – love :). (Plus we had a Star- sighting: Don McKellar at the next table)

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