ViVetha Bistro, 2485 Queen St. E.

5 stars (out of 5)

Let’s be clear, this place isn’t a Diner, Dive OR Greasy Spoon, but it does have a breakfast priced like one. (Their standard breakfast, 3 eggs any-style with bacon, sausage, toast & home fries is 7 bucks!)

This is how I reviewed ViVetha after a lunch there in 2010 – “I’ve eaten lunch or dinner here numerous times, with various sized groups (2-4, ok, not THAT much variety), and have never had a bad meal. Service has been variable, but it’s worth taking the chance”. At that time, I gave them 4 stars. To find out how they earned the extra star, read on! 😉

ViVetha Omelet

I decided to go “off-script” and have the ViVetha omelet without the bacon (mushrooms, bacon & cheddar cheese, with salad & home fries) which goes for $8. The menu looked so good that the thought of having my usual “over easy” just didn’t seem right. The salad was excellent, and the home fries included onions and green peppers!

Potato Pancake



Both my friends had the Potato Pancake (julienned potato pancake with green onions, caramelized apples and sour cream, served with bacon & sausage), also at $8. In comparison to other breakfast meals, these dishes were a steal. The ingredients were of the highest quality and the preparation was above reproach.



At 9:30 on a Monday morning, we had attentive, friendly service, and free-flowing cups of very good coffee. What’s NOT to like?

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