Bloor-Jane Restaurant, 2434 Bloor St W.

4 stars (out of 5)

This was The Spoon Tour’s third stop at Bloor-Jane. Our first was in July 2010 and then about a year later as part of a “best of” mini tour.  Today’s visit was as a result of a Monday closure of our scheduled stop.

From the first visit, this place has had a warm and comfortable vibe. I mentioned that in my first review, and one of my friends commented on it today without solicitation. The vibe, and the food, have been very consistent. That’s the mark of a good place, right?

The waitress (likely the same one each time) was friendly, and the service was lightening fast. The breakfast special contains two large eggs done right, and the home fries were very good, They were soft yet firm, and not too mushy. The coffee was just above average diner fare. (On our first visit, I had a veggie omelet which was also very good.)

Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker

Our friend D, who can’t resist an old-timey Hamilton Beach multi-head milkshake maker, didn’t disappoint and ordered the chocolate milkshake.  Though a tad pricey at $5, it was delicious and authentic.  They even bring you the aluminum container with the leftover shake.

I should really try it for lunch one day…I bet their grilled cheese and fries are great!

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