Sunset Grill, 2313 Yonge St.

3.5 stars (out of 5)

I’ve been to this, my 5th location of this iconic Toronto institution, a number of times but keep forgetting to review it.

3-egg breakfast (note straws in water)

I had the 3-egg breakfast special, and it was just above average. 3 fairly large eggs, accompanied by a large helping of real home fries, and standard brown toast, was washed down with a bottomless cup of average diner coffee. The waitress was friendly and attentive, and served our large (8) group admirably. Others were suitably pleased with their standard breakfast specials.

3-egg breadfast (avec bacon)

A more adventurous member of our group ordered the Eggs Florentine (three eggs over easy served on sautéed baby spinach with melted Swiss on English muffins topped with Hollandaise sauce), not to be confused with the Florentine Omelette (fresh baby spinach and Swiss cheese). She enjoyed it.

Eggs Florentine (see Great Canadian in background)

Another tried the Great Canadian Omelette (bacon, mushrooms and cheddar), and also gave it the thumbs up.

My lovely wife ordered poached eggs – soft – but they arrived closer to medium. She gave the bacon a shout out- “nice and crispy”.

All in all, you can’t really go wrong with breakfast at a Sunset Grill, but this location lacks the vibe of the original on Queen St. E. (We were in the back section due to the size of our group. I would recommend sitting closer to the front…at least you’ll get some natural light.)

NB Anyone that knows me or has read previous entries in this blog knows my pet peeve against straws in water. If you don’t like to waste plastic, request “no straws, please”.

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2 Responses to Sunset Grill, 2313 Yonge St.

  1. Jayne Mitchell says:

    So what’s the star rating, Diner Dave? ; )

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