KOS Cafe, 1070 Bathurst St.

3 stars (out of 5) Don’t be discouraged by the lack of curb appeal. This place looks like it was a drive up burger place at one time, but not in a good way.

I was early and arrived alone, but was welcomed by the bubbly server/owner(?). She seemed to know all her customers and was very friendly and accommodating. The coffee flowed without much coaxing… (Addendum, April 29, ’13 “…but was well below average”.)

The breakfast special, at 5.95 (Addendum, April 29, ’13 …now 6.95), is called the “Eggspress”, which contains 3 eggs any style with choice of meat.

They offer a veggie version, cleverly called the “Veggie Eggspress” which allowed a substitution for the meat, and I chose beans. (I forget the other choices.)

Both are served with “home fries” (Addendum, April 29, ’13 “…which were tasteless”), a small but tasty side salad and unremarkable toast.  Coffee is extra (Addendum, April 29, ’13 …2 bucks extra).

We had a big group today, and 3 of my friends chose the eggs benny. 2 of the three received poached eggs that were a bit overcooked, so if you like your yolks runny, you might want to mention it.

Everyone was very happy with their meals, the servings were generous, the waitress was great. This place gets 4 stars. (Addendum, April 29, ’13 “This place gets 3 stars”.)

A note on the home fries. This side order was actually more of a hybrid between home fries (HFs) and hash browns (HBs). These contained chunks of par-boiled potato that were then fried on the grill (like regular HFs), but they were very well cooked and soft so as to be almost mashed in places (as opposed to grated, like true HBs). These mashed areas, after being fried on the grill, took on a HB-like element, in that they contained a large area of crispiness. (If a description screamed for a photo, this would be it. Sorry T.)

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