We interrupt this blog – Ray’s Pizza, Greenwich Village, R.I.P.

UPDATE, APRIL 2012 GOOD NEWS – Ray’s reopens as Famous Roio’s Pizza!
My review
, JUNE 2012.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The diner planned for this morning – New Town Family Restaurant – was closed due to a family emergency, so the boys and I wandered up to the Bus Terminal Diner, previously reviewed here. For that reason, I’ll take this opportunity for an exception to the usual breakfast blog.

I just found out that “Famous Ray’s Pizza”, at 465 6th Ave. at 11th St. in NYC, recently closed after almost 40 years in business. Ray’s was the place I would mention in numerous “hypothetical last meal” surveys.

I was first taken by a friend (who first started going to Ray’s in 1980) in 1983, and it was love at first bite. Man, I loved that pizza. During the 80’s, I visited NYC 2 or 3 times a year (spending a month in 1985), and Ray’s was a staple. My last slice there (more accurately, 3 slices!) was in December 2010. It closed 10 months later.

In 101 Yelp reviews, it averaged 3.5 stars. Not bad, but not great. You can’t please everyone, but for many people, it was a village landmark that will truly be missed.

There is a lot of confusion about “Ray’s Pizza” in New York. Many pizzerias in the city sport a version of the “Ray’s” name. Some are “Famous”, some “Original” and there is even a “Not Ray’s Pizza”. The first was at 27 Prince St., and shockingly, it also recently closed. “My” Ray’s was the second, or the first of the imitations. 😉

I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in my day. Once during a 6-month period, I counted, and had pizza 60 times. I’m not sure, however, whether I’ll ever be able to eat another slice without yearning for Ray’s.


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