Sunset Grill, 120 Bloor St. E.

2 stars (out of 5)

This is our 5th, and my least favourite Sunset Grill. (Link to other reviews at bottom of this page.)

It was bright and clean, but a bit cafeteria-like. That vibe, plus a few other negatives (below) reduced the rating from a 3-star = average rating.

As this breakfast was on January 2 (holiday for most), we had a bit bigger turnout than usual (6) for our weekly breakfast, so I have a larger sample on which to judge.

The following negatives, though small details on the surface, combined to result in a deduction of 1 star from the average;

  • 2 of our party had poached eggs, and both found them overcooked. (They weren’t asked how they would like them, but both of these experienced poached egg eaters agreed that “runny yolk” is the default method.)
  • The waiter refused to give us separate cheques, as it was “their policy” with 6 guests and up. (We only wanted 3 cheques.)
  • Default straws in glasses of water. This is a major pet peeve of mine. Imagine how many plastic straws are wasted in a year by providing this “extra”. VERY few restaurants include this unnecessary item in water.
  • The home fries were substandard. I have found the home fries a highlight at other Sunset Grills, especially the original on Queen St. E.* These were overcooked, crumbly and tasteless.

The rest of our meals were satisfactory, the coffee flowed freely, and the waiter was pleasant.

*My understanding is that the original at 2006 Queen St. E., and one other (at 1602 Danforth, I believe) are owned by the original owner. The owner sold the name and logo, and all the others are operated by other entities.

2006 Queen St. E. (4 stars)
1602 Danforth Ave.(3 stars)
1 Richmond St. W. (3 stars)
2200 Bloor St. W.  (4 stars)

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4 Responses to Sunset Grill, 120 Bloor St. E.

  1. Cate says:

    Nice call on the straw peeve. What a waste. I find it funny when only the “ladies” get the straws, as some sort of vestigial gesture from when a woman wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick.
    I also love those places that give the tables their own tiny cream pitcher. And did you ever go anywhere that you get jam et al in a little ramekins? Love.

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