Zupa’s, 342 Adelaide St. W.

3 stars (out of 5)

I met 3 friends here for breakfast this morning, but if I tell you about the food or decor, I’m afraid I’d be “burying the lead”. This place has snails, and I don’t mean as a menu item! My friend came back from the ladies room and told us there was a snail on the wall. “A live snail?” She assured me it was, but I still had to go witness it myself.  After all, I’ve been in a lot of greasy spoons, but never thought that a snail would be my first critter sighting. Even without the snails, these bathrooms were among the worst I’ve seen.  “Dank” is one adjective that fits.

molluscan evidence

Wildlife aside, the food was quite decent.  I eschewed the bacon that is included in the breakfast special, so the chef added an extra egg (to the standard 2) and included some sliced tomatoes.  The home fries were pretty good, and the toast average. The coffee was quite drinkable, and the server was very attentive in the caffeine department.


stairway to snail heaven

Zupa’s is decent option in an area devoid of greasy spoons. And it has snails! Isn’t that worth the trip?

NB  You order at the counter, and the server brings your food to you.

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