Zellers Family Diner, 3003 Danforth Ave. (CLOSED 3/’12)

3 stars (out of 5)

My friends and I are on the lookout for lunch counters inside department stores. Remember them? (Know any???) Kresge’s and Woolworth’s used to have them. “What’s ‘Kresge’s’ and ‘Woolworth’s’?” you ask? Sigh. I’m quite elderly.

Anyway, we found this diner inside a Zellers and decided to try it out.  It was no old-fashioned lunch counter, but it was a 50’s style diner that served decent food. The breakfast special was pretty average.  2 eggs, bacon, toast and coffee for 4.99.  3.99 if you’re “55 or better”.  Note – this doesn’t include potatoes which were an additional 1.29 (or so).  This was quite odd.

My 3-item omelet (mushrooms, peppers and cheese) was quite good at 4.99 + 2.99 for the 3 ingredients, but in this case the coffee wasn’t included, so that added 1.99.  It was bottomless, but that is at the high end of coffee prices at diners, in my experience.

Sooo, if you’re going to be shopping at Zellers, or anywhere in this mall at Victoria Park and Danforth, don’t hesitate to pop in.  If you want a homier greasy spoon, however, you might want to go to Smiley’s at Danforth and Main.

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