Free Times Cafe, 320 College St. (Breakfast)

4 stars (out of 5)

I’ve already written a review of this excellent cafe, which can be found here. I’m compelled to do so again, since my previous review was for the Sunday brunch, and this is for a mid-week breakfast.

I met the usual suspects here today. 3 of us had the breakfast special at 7.95, which included 2 eggs, “smoked Canadian bacon” (which my friend called “an attempt at bacon” – however side bacon was available for an extra 1.50) or sliced tomatoes, 2 latkes, a multigrain bagel and coffee. The odd man out had a latke and blintz platter which he deemed delicious!

The cafe is still excellent, but lost a star for the following reasons;

It “opens” at 10 am.  (A tad late for breakfast.)
It opened at 10:10 am.  (Inexcusable.  Staff was inside, while we huddled outside.)
Chef doesn’t do poached eggs.  (Wha???)
No condiments were included with the latkes. Sour cream was $1 extra. (How can latkes be served without sour cream or apple sauce included?  Both are served when one orders them as a meal or side.)

Why did I only subtract 1 star for all the infractions listed above? I still love this place. The food is excellent, the server was friendly and (eventually) attentive, the coffee was above average, the vibe is great, the music was nice, it’s an institution, they support local musicians, the Sunday brunch is fantastic…need I go on?

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