Motorama Restaurant, 862 Danforth Ave.

3.5 stars (out of 5)

This is an authentic diner that has been here “forever”. You’ve gotta go just to say you ate in a restaurant called “Motorama” and to see their sign that is probably older than your dad.

Breakfast was solid, and the efficient waitress was loud and entertaining. The home fries were very good and my breakfast mates reported that both the eggs benny and bacon were good too!

Next time I’ll sit at the counter on a stool and pretend it’s the 40’s.


Spring 2012 – they changed their iconic sign.

New sign

The owner feels very badly. Since taking it down, she’s taken a lot of flak. She hadn’t been aware how “beloved” it was. After the fact, customers and passersby told her they would have paid to restore it, but that’s easy to say after it’s gone. Where were these people when the sign was still there? It had been in disrepair for years. Oh well, we have our old photos, and the menu hasn’t changed.


Winter  2015 – the sign is back! Sort of.


New, old sign

I just discovered that the owners redid the sign, trying to approximate the original sign. There are no lights inside these metal letters, but I think they did a great job!

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