Free Times Cafe, 320 College St. (Brunch)

5 stars (out of 5)

Hmmm, I may be in trouble.  I’ve already gone on the record saying The Senator is my favourite place for breakfast.  OK, I’m going to call this my favourite place for Sunday brunch.

Judy Perly, the owner, has named the brunch after her mother, and it’s formally called “Bella! Did Ya Eat?

It includes over 50 home made items, including potato latkes, blintzes, lox eggs and onions, french toast, salmon patties, gefilte fish, salads, fruit, great desserts…you get the idea!  While it’s all excellent, the latkes, deserve a special mention.  They are THE BEST restaurant latkes ever.  Until the FT, I would have said that no “store bought” latkes could compete with home made, but these can.  They’re fantastic, and Judy keeps them coming.  They are always fresh on the buffet, because they are so popular and are quickly replaced.  Oh, the blintzes are pretty danged good too!

Reservations are recommended – (416) 967-1078.  Go already, and thank me later!

NB: This is the only diner that doesn’t conform to my blog requirements, but for this brunch, I make an exception!

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