Bus Terminal Diner, 1606 Danforth Ave.

4 stars (out of 5)

With great anticipation (4.5 stars on Yelp),I took my wife here this morn.


-cheap (under $17 for 2)
-authentic diner feel
-Lisa (bubbly waitress)
-green P parking at door


-omelets made on grill, rather than pan
-home fries were par-boiled (too much) then quickly deep fried
-typically bad but drinkable diner coffee

NEXT time, I’ll try the new home-made waffle (“not Eggo anymore” – Lisa).

(BTD lost .1 stars for putting straws in their water glasses, but gained it back for the fresh pineapple slice with the fruit garnish.)

Cute aside – I asked our waitress “are you Lisa?”  She was, and I told her I knew from her good reviews on Yelp.  She was excited about this, but “only has a phone”, so she said she’d check it out on her sister’s computer.

NB  I’ve been back since this review and bumped it up .5 stars.
NBB (Is that even a thing?) Back again, and I’ve bumped it up another .5 stars! A nice fruit garnish on every plate, extra tomatoes for my friend who eschewed the toast, and NO STRAWS in the water contributed to the bump. Great vibe too.)

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